simply red

so, i don't think i've ever mentioned it here, but.. i kind of have a thing for redheads. i blame it on my friend taylor, a gorgeous girl with the thickest, reddest mane of hair, who's pretty much the embodiment of all things cool. my first megan encounter also occurred during a red phase, before she dyed her hair every other color under the sun. i can't really explain it - it just seems like all the gingers of the world are just inherently awesome.

in that vein, it's not surprising that molly ringwald as andie walsh in "pretty in pink" emerged as the frontrunner in my style inspiration for summer. it's even less surprising that i've discovered another member of the red party to act as the modern counterpart to the andie asthetic. i've been hooked on la roux since susie bubble posted about them in december (and revealed that she also has a redhead obsession!). the vocalist half of the band, née eleanor "elly" jackson, is one of those people whose wardrobe i desperately want to raid. there's definitely a discernible eighties influence, but it's never gimmicky, even if she's quite aware of the look she's channeling - "if you are going to be a pop star, do it properly, for fuck's sake," she says. this article is pretty quote-heavy, with lots of space dedicated to her shopping habits - no high street, plenty of vintage designer - and she's not a fan of lady gaga. amen. when is this girl touring in america?


La Couturier said...

I love this!

And I lol-ed when I read your "la c. stamp of approval" =] You definitely should buy some things from Moxsie; they're actually offering a 20% off discount for La Couturier readers! It lasts until 5/11 =]

La C.

jessica said...

love la roux .
she looks like tild swinton and this girl named steph who was on canada's next top model cycle 2 .
random i know .

but im, a redhead too ! it makes for a life of extremities .
for example, on one side of the spectrum, it's "you have such beautiful hair (then people touch it . it gets weird.) people pay thousands of dollars to have your hair "
on the other side, it's "DIRTY GINGE. ginger kid ! no one likes gingies !"


chantelle said...

Ohhhh redheads... *wheezes, passes out*

they're so goodlooking.
i love lily cole and...and...ron weasley.

LML said...

thanks for all the complements in your post - i am a natural redhead - never have dyed my hairr (#1 question i get asked lol)... i wish more males found it as attractive as girls do lol!

withasianstereotypes said...

Have to say it, you make the best collages. So brilliant it makes my day every time.

KISS, China L.