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i'm deathly ill. i think i have tuberculosis or something. still, this weekend was a great one, due mostly to the presence of these lovely ladies:

i'm always inspired by their effortless style, and i'm even more jealous of megan's vast uo wardrobe.. unforgivable. anyway, there was much shopping and catching up and merrymaking, and i'm ever so glad they came. even though i had to wait until they had left so i wouldn't overspend during the weekend, i finally gave in to the pvc/leather legging thing, and bought a pair at american apparel. i've been debating whether or not i wanted to make the leap for a while now, only because they're so right this minute, and very soon they may be very passé, but i got them nevertheless. they only had a small and a large. i tried on the small, thinking they'd be perfect, but the stretching of the material around my thighs in particular revealed the duller fabric beneath the shiny material. also, several minor scratches from past shoppers became visible. so i tried the large, which also had some scratches, but they were just as form-fitting, and also left extra fabric for bunching at the ankles. since these were the only two pairs in the store i bought the slightly scratched large, but i have to be careful with them every time i wear them, i suppose. the american apparel website confirms my suspicions: 'this garment can dull or scratch with repeated wearing; handle with care.' i'm also way into a men's black and white striped cardigan i saw (which i can't find a picture of online) and these grey shortalls, but i'm pacing myself. and by pacing myself, i mean taking on crazy extra hours at work and waiting for the paychecks to roll in first.

my lovely boyfriend surprised me tonight with tickets to M.I.A. on the 28th! i saw that she was coming to town and kept saying that i wanted to go, but in true me style, just kept saying that and didn't actually do anything about it, but what a pleasant surprise! i'm way excited, and meg might also come back up for the show, so snaps all around. but what will i wear? that's another day's issue.

sometime this evening, i had a sartorial revelation, and it said to me, 'minimalism'. we'll see what effect this has on me in days to come. i'm thinking bold statement pieces, and simple, monochromatic pieces to accent them. an awesome bright oversized sweater dress or a one-of-a-kind jacket, with otherwise black garments and simple accessories, par example. but then that requires me singling out and acquiring some bold statement pieces. but in the next few days, the only minimalism i'll be attempting is minimal effort, as in i'm practically too sick to get out of bed, let alone look cute in the AM.

until then,

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jessica said...

leggings kinda remind me of scuba gear or pleather pants...thats way too tight♥