so this BEAUTIFUL leather jacket was hovering at around 40 dollars on nasty gal vintage for like 5 days, which is odd, because, you know..it's beautiful, and things usually hit ridiculous prices in that shop. i was willing to pay alot for it.. i asked pretty much everyone i knew what they thought was a reasonable price to pay, and the highest suggestion i got was $150, from meg. i decided to hold out on bidding until the last minute, and at 7 minutes to go, it was up to 93 dollars.. i decided not to bother, and said a silent good-bye to the happy, stylish life we could have had together. turns out the final price was $187.50 !! a little too pricey for me, but well wishes to the lucky winner.

but to compensate for that loss, i'd say i gained a few nice things. earlier that day, knowing that i probably wasn't gonna win the jacket, and also a little depressed because of the rain, i stopped into a vintage shop in the square to look at their leather jackets and boots, and there was a nice brown jacket that might serve me well. i didn't get it (yet), but i did snag a couple of vintage beauties.

these both came to a grand total of $20, 10 each. the dress was something that i found after lots of careful browsing, and there's really only one small split seam at the shoulder that can be fixed in a couple of minutes. i'm really into it, not sure if i should keep it or sell it. the coat was an impulse buy that i made after the girl at the cashier told me there was a $15 minimum on credit card purchases. i know that's a really bad thing to do when vintage shopping, but oh well, it's done. it's now become apparent that it's pretty well-worn (it's from the 40s), but i think a little loving care and mending could really make it a wonderful piece to have this winter. it's so sweeping and dramatic, but still prim and proper in houndstooth, one of my favorite prints.

i snagged these cheeky little sunnies from the library where i work. someone lost them about a month ago, and as soon as they popped up in the lost & found bin, i started asking my supervisor when they could be mine. last night, i brought it up again and he finally gave in. while they're not exactly heart-shaped, they make me think of lolita. can't wait to wear them with my uo black cable-knit beret; i love that hat but it's a little somber, probably because it's the same shade as my hair, more or less.

then this morning, my sasson high-waisted jeans came in the mail (the result of a more sucessful ebay auction)! i have yet to try them on, though. and finally my nylon subscription kicked in, and i received the december issue with mary-kate olsen on the cover. haven't opened that yet, either. this week was pretty rough, but i think i've got some good ingredients for a lovely night in tonight.

an unapologetic homebody,