oh, sure.

at the very beginning of freshman year, i remember sitting in religion class before the teacher arrived. everyone was chitchatting about nothing in particular, and this girl michelle confessed that, coming from a public school, she hadn't realized how our uniform's knee socks were supposed to be worn. "i thought because they were knee socks, they were supposed to, you know, cover your knees." everyone that had gone to catholic school before smiled politely, their eyes dancing with laughter and mockery. is she serious? turns out this girl had an eagle-eye for fashion trends, ay?

she soon learned how to wear her knee socks, and soon we all learned how to make them our own. there was a time where a bunch of girls started to stick their student metro cards into the tops of their socks and it became some kind of fashion statement/clique status symbol. they embellished the metrocards with black sharpies and made sure to make the graffitied side face outwards. then there were some girls, okay, like maybe three or four random girls, that never pulled up their socks and either wore them rumpled at the ankle or even rolled up like little doughnuts. and we all came to be familiar with the frustration of the not-so-brand-new knee socks that refuse to stay up. and then four years came and went we all got used to life without knee socks. and of course, of course, knee socks are all the rage now. now, when i don't even know where to find my knee socks from high school. they were all right, white or cream and ribbed at the top, but what i really wish i could find are my elementary school knee socks: thick and heavy knit in a deep maroon hue. sigh. i guess i could really dig around while i'm home for the weekend, but with my luck, they'd be out of style by the time i fished them out of my closet (and i'm also a consumer whore, and therefore a sucker for things that are freshly bought).

oh, and the same thing goes for tights. because when it was too cold for socks, i was wearing tights, but i absolutely despised it and abused them so, and oh how i wish i'd taken better care of them now..