on the red line

he:: so i went to new york last weekend, and i've never felt.. so.. provincial. everyone there dresses so differently, they all wear, like.. they kind of dress like you..
me:: i'm from new york.
he:: oh, well.. perfect!

i'll be back in the homeland wednesday night for turkey festivities until sunday afternoon, and i think it's quite necessary. i need a little bit of style inspiration to take from daily life, from the people i see in the street, and i'm sorry to say that i'm definitely not getting my daily dose here at school. every now and then, something will catch my eye, and there are a few people who i can always count on to showcase their personal style in an intriguing way, but other than that.. pfft. i feel like i'm in a little bit of a rut, honestly. but for the sake of keeping my spirits up, some lovely street style from faraway, off-campus lands:


*i don't think i've ever seen hammer pants look so good. snaps.


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jessica said...

ive seen hammer pants look pretty sexual on mc hammer...i mean they did name it after him, didnt they/