today i met up with kristine, who i haven't seen in at least a year, probably more, for one last shopping excursion in new york before i head back to school tomorrow. unfortunately, i couldn't find my camera this morning (i should probably be a little more worried about that than i am right now..it'll turn up. right?), so i'll try my best to recapture the magic through power of words.. and other people's pictures plus crappy photo booth shots.

today was a great day, and i should have foreseen it, because depsite an unfortunate turn of events first thing in the morning, when i got to the ferry terminal, i bought the february 2008 teen vogue (a habit i have yet to break), and what should i find in the very beginning of the magazine, but M.I.A. IN A MARC BY MARC JACOBS AD. it was like the stars aligned and told me in no uncertain terms that i was loved. are they serious? that's like finding out that my best guy friend and best girlfriend hooked up. i had to suppress a public squeal of joy, and quickly texted the happy news to megan, the most likely person to care (and she did. care, i mean). now that the afterglow has worn off, i suppose i've seen her look better, but it's just the idea of the two of them getting together and grooving off of each other's cool vibes that sends chills down my spine.

finally the elusive kristine showed up, and all the words and stories just spilled out of us.. sooooo much catching up to do, so much gossip to compare. foremost in our minds was food, naturally, and so we headed to the cinema cafe (34th and 3rd..need to write it down because i constantly want to go there and can nev-ah remember where it is), where the waiter had a great smile and simultaneously reminded me of both cameron frye and my cameron..which is weird because those two don't resemble each other at all. i think i just miss my cameron alot.

anyway, the food was intensely satisfying, and with bellies full we headed to the marc jacobs accessories/specialty items store where i crossed off one of the items on my what i want list, a bag for next semester.. got the marc jacobs for pan am innovator bag in blue/white.. loving it because 1) um, it's marc jacobs, 2) i could actually afford it, 3) it's not quite a messenger bag, but i can still do the diagonal strap thing that i want to do with it..i loved the handbags i used for books last year, but it really id weigh me down heavily 4) the color is such a departure from my usual blacks and dark-toned bags. kristine warned that she'd seen plenty of people wearing this bag, but i figure hey, no one i know does, and a pan am bag? that's just the type of vintage-y stuff that i lust after.. cigarettes and stetsons with the brim just so..sunday bests and hatboxes and bellboys. oh, and just for giggles, bought two (also brilliant blue) marc jacobs condoms.

wandered about until we hit an american apparel (cue the singing angels), where i crossed off yet another item on my list, the mineral wash bull denim slim slack! oh my goodness, those are getting busted out tomorrow for the new year!

browsed urban after that, but wisely chose to stay away from the lovely overpriced things. at that point, i was feeling pretty damn good, i was buying strictly things that i had explicitly said i wanted, no random, not-sure-if-i'll-actually-use-this-but-i'll-buy-it-just-in-case type of purchases, and since i was being so efficient, i felt like i had a little money to spare, so i bought cam a t-shirt from a store with maybe the most extensive tee collection i'd ever seen in my life. every wall, every blank space was covered with t-shirt designs, nothing too edgy or campy, but simpe pop cultural references, and band and movie images, and some random slogans. i decided to buy a beatles tee, because those are his homeboys, but struggled for a little bit, since both he and i dislike the glaring, obvious, picture-as-large-as-life-plus-bold-title type of tees, and honestly, it's hard to be subtle about the beatles, so i got him a plain black tee with a beige silhoutte of the fab four them crossing abbey road (thanks to kristine for helping me choose).

as usual, had to stop at world of disney, but they were closed. new year's eve had all the streets blocked off and stores closing as early as 5:30. always reliable to fall back on, h&m was open and despite my vow to shop efficiently bought a cute little nightie on a whim. i reasoned that besides the fact that it was cute, it would be an ideal sleep garment, considering that the heat is absolutely raging in my dorm, more often than not. i like the fact that while it's your standard nightie, with a low neckline, skinny shoulder straps, and satiny feel, the print is a cozy and friendly red plaid. it wasn't an ordinary all black, silky, seductress type of thing. and who am i kidding, cameron will probably love it.

so then we tried to pass through times square just to see how crazy it was getting, but it was all blocked off. to console ourselves, we had to go to max brenner and gorge ourselves on desserts. it was simply necessary.

in the category of wtf, my brand new sparkle an fade olive tights, bought just before christmas, today worn for only the second time, have no more, no less than 5 runs and various holes. and for once, it's not my fault..it just randomly appeared. branded: unforgivable.

all in all, ab fab day, and though it's not quite 2008, i consider this a great omen for the upcoming year.

happy &healthy new year to all!


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