"told me back in '95 she fell in love with the tribe..

boo, back in '92, i was just like you."
--kanye west - "improvise"

i absolutely love reading the new york times style section. i don't really know why. the things they report on run the gamut from things that are plainly obvious, to things that confirm a trend whose popularity i had an inkling of, to things that i had no idea about. im not gonna lie, this article falls into the 'plainly obvious' category, but i do love that they acknowledged it. in 1992, i was all of three years old, but that's basically when my childhood memories begin, and with two brothers five and ten years older than me, i have an unusually clear view of the year in my mind's eye, pop culturally speaking. pre-school, fanny packs, and neon.. take me back? oh man, i had this pair of wayfarer-esque sunnies back then with dark lenses, hot pink frames, one, neon green arm and one neon yellow arm. i loved those things to death. it would be so amazing to bust them out again.. too bad they'd be too small for me even if i could find them.


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