what i want

first and (superficially) foremost,

try as i might to convince her otherwise, my cousin told me in no uncertain terms that this is one of the ugliest pair of jeans she's ever seen, but i'm absolutely IN LOVE with them. it's late80s/early90s, youth! nostalgia! it's perfection. i will not rest until i get my hands on a pair. i'd buy them online, except i want to at least try on the same cut in person so i'll be sure of the fit. i find myself just staring at them every now and then, trying to picture the day when they'll be mine. ugh.

-also, on the topic of jeans, i'm kind of big on these, though i can't seem to decide which color i prefer. the ankle zips are key.

i also want wide-leg pants, ridiculously wide-leg pants, but i have yet to find a pair that make me lust.

-ever notice how the black pumps in all jean shots are impossibly perfect? the heels are not too high, not too low, minimal or no toe cleavage at all.. the ones in the aa image even have a subtly retro-sexy vibe to them.. in short, the quintessential black pump that i can never find. anywhere. whenever i attempt to find that black pump, it's a little too business-y, a little too embellished, a little too boring.. the closest thing i can find to match the shoes in the urban outfitters pictures are these jeffrey campbells:

ehh. i'd have to try them on to see if they move me. the aa ones are mind-blowing, though. too bad i have no clue where to even begin to find them. the search continues.

-an alex + chloe necklace. the necklace. the black diamonds collection is killer. my personal favorites are chloe's eclipse, alex's eclipse, love is not dead, and the peace sign, in black or the bronze-y hue.

i'm also loving brookadelphia, in the realm of acrylic jewelry. i've been looking at their site for days, just trying to narrow the options down, but i love them all.

-in terms of things that i actually need, though, stylish, functional, and roomy bag to function as next semester's school bag is a total must. no pictures here, since i can't find anything that even begins to fit my criteria. r.i.p., granny satchel, you served me well. i did, however, find really cool nylon-y neon colored backpacks, and vintage-esque pan am bags at the marc jacobs specialty store that were wicked cheap.

-sneakers! i'm not what you would call a sneaker head in the very least, but when i go into sneaker stores, i'm mesmerized by the candy colors and neons that are splashed all over the place. i went through an air force one phase at the beginning of high school, then moved on to chucks, which evolved into an affinity for ed hardys and other graphic-laced, if not name-recognizable sneakers, which quickly became a long stretch of time leading up to now, in which i don't wear sneakers at all, but i think that they'd be an bright and unexpected change in style, and a really good way to perk up my unofficial uniform, the black-skinnies-paired-with-something-else-that's-probably-black-and-flats-outfit.
'nike dunk sb mid donatello' yeah, that donatello.

-and speaking of black skinnies and flats, they're both in dire need of replacement. i bought the perfect pair of black cotton skinny pants last spring at h&m, and i'm still wearing them, a million and one rips later. the poor things need a rest, but i can't find a suitable replacement. at h&m, i constantly find the same pants in all colors but black. so frustrating. and as far as flats go, they're my default shoe in wind, rain, sleet, or snow, but that also leaves them pretty wrecked. i wore my black velvety anne klein flats (my audrey flats!!) on a clear december morning a few weeks ago, and by the afternoon, there was a foot of snow on the ground. the shoes haven't been the same since.

-pretty underthings. this includes tights. opaque and sheer, please.

-replacement latex-y leggings. maybe in more colors.

since this is my slightly realistic wish list, i've stuck to things that are in my relative price range. no chanel or miu miu musings here (at the moment). only things that my paycheck could, in theory, purchase.

will work for clothes,

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