yellow shoes, green envy

she :: omg i got the shoes of my LIFE today
me :: fabuloso?
she :: yesss
she :: they are like schoolbus yellow patent leather t strap sandals with a lucite sole and wooden heel....omg i'm obsessed
me :: noooooo
me :: that sounds intensely amazing
she :: they are like the cheaper michael kors line, they make me like six feet tall i'm sure tim will be thrilled
she :: i am wearing them right now haha for no reason
me :: no, no.
me :: that's perfectly understandable
she :: they are like sooo hooker, but i love them
she :: i just had to share amazing shop find with SOMEONE you know
me :: def
me :: i understand
me :: i don't think those are hooker
me :: they're like 'spring, here i come.. BAM!'

and as killer as they are in yellow, they're kill-ah in black.

and then, as icing on the cake, she told me she was going to disney world for new year's. i hate my roommate.

looking for my solemate,

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Benjamin said...

was wondering if they just say "michael kors" on the top or if they are michael michael kors or kors. I have a pair of ones similar but white and am trying to find out if they are "collection" or not. Hit me up if you have the time.