back to basics

okay, FIRST of all..? i don't know what i'm doing posting right now, considering that i did no work at all this past weekend, and i have tons to accomplish before class tomorrow..


when i don't post, i just get tons of ideas that build up and i have to get them out eventually

and i did just finish an entire book that i have to write a response paper on..

so i'll try and make it quick.

like i said, this long weekend consisted of sleeping alot and hanging out, and i (pretty reasonably) assumed that monday would be my day to get all my work done, but taylor totally surprised me by showing up for a visit today! it was so great seeing her, if only for a few hours. the night before, while again not doing work during my library shift, i decided to whip my wardrobe into shape and compile a small of absolute essentials to acquire at a gradual pace. the list ended up being 1) short, since my shift ended, and 2) not all that 'essential', because i'm a frivolous fool, but anyway:

these shirts make me think of skinny boys riding bikes in tight jeans with bright sneakers and hats.. or mikey rocks (gush.. see example at 1:15). yes, i have skipped over taking cues from stylish girls in menswear, and have gone straight to taking cues from stylish men. i suppose a little androgyny never killed anyone, ay?.

i have become the absolute pickiest person in the world when it comes to tee-shirts. this may be the only antidote.

over the knee socks. 'nuff said.

although i'm an unabashed american apparel fan, i know that their clothes have a tendency to fit like hookerwear. the tops above i prefer to wear loose, so it's not a big deal, but with this skirt i definitely give it a try to make sure it's more demure than clingy.

another basic that i want to wear loosely. i'm deciding between these three colors, but for the love of god, anything but black. i'm trying to expand my horizons.

so today on newbury street, i stopped into american apparel and found the socks and red/sand tank top, but found two holes in the tank when i got home! wtf. i hafta try and exchange that, but aside from that i got a nice tribal/safari-esque necklace (picture pending) that served the double purpose of being cute and finally using up the last bit of money on my h&m gift card, and a marc by marc jacobs wallet for five dollars. yes, i am channeling the chanel americana vibe in my own little broke way.

and all these purchases were spurred by a wet, but unseasonably warm day. the sun wasn't even fully set by 5:30. loving it. can't wait for the warmer weather.


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