taking a greyhound on the hudson river line

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*scarf: mom; vest: jasmine sola; shirt: from my old high school uniform; sweater: urban; pants: h&M; boots: cutesyshoes; purse: vintage dooney&bourke. i'm checking the soles of my boots because they're still falling apart. and i'm still wearing them.

i'll try to keep this brief: went to manhattan because taylor wanted to see the museum of modern art. brought jess along. fish tanks in the staten island ferry! new to me. museum of modern art: even better than i remembered it. the pop art really meant much more after having studied it last semester. almost bought vintage looking notebooks for this summer's classes in paris. decided it was a little too cheesy. intended to buy some clothes for florida. got myself into a responsible frame of mind to avoid overshopping. went overboard. purchased barely anything. see picture. also bought a mustard headband with a ribbon-y effect and an asymmetrical turban-y knot. very blair waldorf. met up with sophie. first time new yorker! ran her up and down 5th. more browsing. food. peaced. good times.

what i've learned:

-i wish more of my friends at home were into museums. it was a rare treat to share today's experience with both taylor and jess.

-andy warhol a toujours mon coeur. est-ce que c'est cliché?

-being too reckless when shopping is a bad thing. but being overly cautious isn't much better. here's to striking a healthy balance.

-new york is truly my home. this might seem obvious to some, but as i rode the train today, i noticed a sense of calm and serenity that i'm now realizing that i do not have when i ride the t. it's not that i'm uptight or nervous in boston, but there is a tension that disspates once i set foot in nyc territory, and it reassures me that i'm in a place where i know the smells, the people, the landmarks, the streets, and the general flow of things.. i'd be hard pressed to make my future home anywhere too far removed from this place. that's all.



a side order of style said...

non, non ma cherie...ce n`est JAMAIS cliche. andy warhol est simplement ah-may-zing.
i hate when my shoes start to fall apart, b/c that usually means i love them too much. sigh.
-jae, SOS

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thank you very much for your kind words

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Alya said...

hooray for MoMA! I want to be in New York, like, NOW.