picture-a-day 50208: nothing special

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our own back door, porch, tree, and a little petal-strewn trail leading up to our humble abode. plus a kitchen, cavernous bathroom, massive common room, and spacious single bedrooms inside. i think my housing situation has peaked at sophomore year.

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my long-hated high school uniform button-down gets daily wear in college. oh, the irony.

it will be put to use for a party tonight. nerd-themed. because that's what harvard needs.

just kidding.


Pretty In Black said...

I've avoided polo's since they were the worst part of my highschool uniform.

quirky said...

The dreaded school uniform. I wore one for the first nine years of my schooling life... What I really want to start wearing again is that little bow tie thing....

kitty kate said...

this outfit is really chic!