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bonjour, mes cheries! c'est moi, writing from home sweet home, new york, new york. paris stories and pictures are forthcoming, but in the meantime, today has turned out to be unexpectedly noteworthy, as this is the 100th post written on pandora's closet!

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i'd been contemplating the notion of starting a fashion blog for quite some time, and i'd even written a few scattered, mediocre posts on a haphazardly thrown together blog when megan instant messaged me one november evening last autumn, suggesting that we create a blog dedicated to fashion & style, a joint project of both self-expression and maintaining contact. for the past six years, she and i have had an unpredictably meandering kind of friendship. we have similar dreams and goals, but radically different methods of pursuing them, and consequently, we sometimes go for long periods of time without speaking to each other. she reasoned that a blog would be an ideal way to keep in touch.

i leapt at the idea. some girls cite agyness dean or cory kennedy as inspiration, but i've got megan. she's the one who fearlessly pursued the fashion industry dreams we'd spent years talking about, straight out of high school. she's the one who doesn't think twice before wearing something outrageous, dying her hair a new hue, or plunging headfirst into an entirely different aesthetic. she charges through the boundaries and roadblocks that i dwell on and meekly tiptoe around, and for that i'll always admire her. i figured that if megan couldn't inspire me to start a full-fledged fashion blog, then no one could.

once we'd agreed to start the blog, the name came easily enough: megan had messaged me during a film screening of pabst's pandora's box for my anthropology class titled "anthropology, cultural studies, and film," and louise brooks' brazen yet irresistible charm combined with my affinity for the pandora myth led me to suggest pandora's closet. i love the imagery suspended within the title, a girl chock full of feminine wiles, simply unable to resist the urge to peek behind the doors of an enormous closet, far too curious to leave behind the treasures that may lie just beyond her fingertips.

thrilled by this new blogging prospect, i dashed off a quick post that night, simultaneously mourning megan's recently stolen handbag and making a toast to a day when we'd buy many, many more. megan quickly learned that blogging wasn't her thing, but since then, i've changed majors and life plans, renewed my resolve to break into the industry, gotten a little older, and grown a little bit closer to the bold pandora-type i revered and marveled at last fall. still, i haven't yet gotten over the curiosity to see what's in the closet.

and what's next for this closet? only time will tell. i've found that, in my experience, when i spend too much time saying what i'm going to do, the doing never quite comes to fruition. nonetheless, here's to pandora's closet and to one hundred more posts.. stay tuned, kids.



thank you very much Pandora

it comments like yours that make me going forward

i left everything to humanize fashion and thank's to all of you i have the energy to continue

i have a great projetc and i hope that if i am successful i make you win a trip to Paris...
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i wish you a very sweet evening (it's 2.20 am in Paris)


Meg said...

Congrats on making it to the 100th! It's strange how much you can actually get out of a blog, and that it makes you feel that bit more accomplished in something!

Laurel said...

Congrats on your 100th! I can't wait to get to my 100th big post. You have such wonderful style, and great taste in eye wear, I must say!


simply.steph said...

Congrats! me and jae are defintely going to stay tuned and hope for many more post from you two =)