private eyes, they're watching you

via thecobrasnake

it's good to know that mr. west is upholding the tradition of promoting impossibly unreasonable eyewear.

my late night visit to thecobrasnake ended in a purchase at thecobrashop - twenty dollar sale, couldn't resist. i ended up snagging this rad jacket, lest anyone doubt my newfound devotion to the eighties.
maybe today i'll actually get some shopping done for other people..


kansas said...

what is the attraction to this kind of eyewear? i get it in terms of photographs and mannequins, but in real life it just looks down right silly.

meliindaa. said...

haha he enjoys starting new shade-related trends
theyre pretty cool

...love Maegan said...

...watchin' your every move ...ohOHoh...private eyes ...is not looping in my head ...lol. loveit!

jessica said...

omg! rox isss so obsessed with disney... u can think of any charachter have her ask u "yes" or "no" questions n she can guess who ur thinking of!!

Nice and Shiny said...

Weeeird. I was browsing CS shop the other day as well. A lot of things caught my eye actually... I was pleasantly surprised!