blame it on the rain

if there's one thing i can't stand, it's a tease. cambridge strung me along all weekend with fifty and sixty degree weather, only to wake up to a miserable slushy mess weighing down the branches outside my window. what's the story, morning glory? i can't take much more of this.
did this damage in about forty-five minutes between classes, partly because i have a sartorial vision for spring break and partly because i needed something to hoist me out of the pit of seasonal affective disorder. it worked. i'm so in love with these brogues - i always loved the look, but never thought they looked good on me until now. as far as the sandals go, i needed something for spring break to supplement my trusty black fringe sandals from last summer, and this turned out to be a great alternative. and if i ever finish my reading for class tonight, w and interview will be great to curl up with before bed.

annnnnnd back to mcteague. 


Hemaly said...

I really like those sandals. They looks perfect for the spring coming up.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

similar here, last week was really warm i though spring is here but no gone cold again... :(

ps, just added you too, xx

Rand said...

i love the black shoess
oh and ur text is getting cut off coz of ur layout;)
well thank you for the nice comment
i am glad u like my blog
take care

Kay said...

I live in Cambridge! Although the one in England.
Love the sandals, great colour

Tjejsajten said...

freaking fantastic brogues girl i'd been hunting for some myself and found some at forever 21 of all places... thanks f21! tell me about seasonal affective disorder, up here in winnipeg we get some of the hottest summers and coldest winters in canada. and my love for madonna has been revived with that blame it on rio cover / spread.. sooo good.