my first refinery29 piece! go, go, go! it's gonna be a great summer..

and a great day - i'm helping put together our spring concert today (sara bareilles/ratatat), and i just walked mike stroud to american apparel while chatting it up about brooklyn and the unbelievable but ignored housing on staten island. classic.


Jenny H. said...

congratsss on the refinery 29 piece!

Valerie Love said...

im a hippie at heart <3 and im crazy in love with this piece!
love your blog, and the title!

bisous, valerie

dapper kid said...

Yum that bag is so so so lovely dear!

Shini said...

aych sara bareilles! spring concert sounds funnn :D Arg. need. Anna +Foley baggg.

La Couturier said...

I love the sandals!

La C.

P.S.: Thanks =]

Karen said...

ooh those sandals are unreal!

Nikita said...

There are some reeeeally nices houses on SI! Sounds like you had an epic day. Lovin' the collage of tie-dye items!

x Nikita

D said...

i love love all of it!!!!!!!!!!

isabelle said...

cute ballerinas!

CAMILLE said...

thanks hun for the sweet comment..glad you like my blog. yours is great also..love all the shoe photos you post.especially these tie dye sandals.

camille x

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