all i can say is that my life is pretty plain

ahh, t-shirts - too easy to live with them, can't live without them. i'm constantly telling myself i'm going to put a moratorium on tees and work on building up the rest of my wardrobe, and then i find another one that fits just so or has such a great color or image that i just have to go back on my word.

this time, i'm allowed to point the finger at my dear boyfriend, who stumbled across this sweet chip & pepper university tee. i take this as a sign that he's truly starting to understand my sense of style. i never, ever wear harvard tees at school, except to bed, but this one's vintage look and feel deserves an exception. the cut is straight and resembles a men's tee, just the way i prefer it, and he even had the presence of mind to buy it in a roomy size large for that oversized fit i adore. well-played, honey.

after prancing around the house in my new unbelievably soft tee, i returned to my regularly scheduled programming, but what happened next is no one's fault but my own. within five minutes of being online, i stumbled across the danny roberts 'girls in glasses' tee, which i've seen before on several occasions, but ignored as a result of my proposed moratorium. i guess you can imagine what happened next.. incorrigible, that's me. it arrived in the mail today, which was a bit of sunshine in an otherwise gray day.

speaking of which, the weather lately has been despicable. even my playlist is spelling out a not-so-subtle to mother nature. my mood will never clear up if the weather doesn't.
forecast::jason mraz ; buckets of rain::bob dylan ; eight days a week::the beatles ; how long has this been going on?::audrey hepburn ; rainy day women #12 & 35::bob dylan ; the longest time::billy joel ; dammit::blink-182 ; the tide is high::blondie ; it's all good::bob dylan ; here comes the sun::the beatles

[image credit: danny roberts art store]

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Damsels said...

love the danny roberts shirt .. isaw it earlier this week and i have something similar toit .. but its really chic i love his illustrations
We Were Damsels

Gisela said...

That danny robers shirt is awesome! love it!

Lisa said...

Love the shirt, Danny Roberts is so talented!

C.Chico said...

that danny roberts tee is great!

♥ fashion chalet said...

lol, I used to spy on my neighbors, wishing I still had that notebook.. OH MY lol! :)

Love the "girls in glasses" tee and hate downpours. We had one tonight.. blach. :(


zoƫ said...

fuckyes MUSIC . i needed some new stuff :]

and yeah i can totally relate to relying on tshirts for random outfits that don't necessarely scream 'fashion' but that are just too easy !! i basically always have a tee on .. i need to put more effort into my apparel, goodness .


A. said...

t-shirts are a great thing...
both are pretty-

miss amanda jones said...

anyone that has blink182 on their playlist is a friend of mine. :)

Tracey Ellle said...

love ur tshirt

megs said...

I love Danny Roberts and kind of want that tee myself. You definitely have to take pictures of you wearing it!

Anonymous said...

i love that tee too :)

and thanks for the comment, the dog is my dads, he's had it since he was a kid so its like an antique now and i love it lol! i must have around 100 photos of it in different places!


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

want it want it WANT IT!! :)

Kat said...

danny roberts is soooo talented and that shirt is awesome!