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oh hey.

i'm in the midst of exam period hell right now, but i wanted to drop a quick line, lest anyone think the silence around here since my last post means that the frenzy of black friday swallowed me up or anything like that. i really hate going weeks at a time without posting, though, so expect a ton of content and -dare i say? - features after the fourteenth, when i finally wrap up this godforsaken semester. speaking of features, my list of favorite videos on youtube is getting out of hand, so i'm thinking about a weekly video feature of sorts.. sartorially/aesthetically lovely music videos, musically lovely fashion videos, and things of that ilk, accompanied by my unfiltered rambling, naturally.

well, i hate to start on a terribly obvious note, but this song - not the album, but this song - is literally getting me through my stay in academic purgatory, not to mention that the video, also on heavy rotation, has yet to get old for me. and somehow the credits via nicola formichetti make everything that much better - now i can make a real go at hunting down that ethereally nurselike rachel barrett dress and that phenomenal red alex noble jumpsuit (i promise i could find an occasion for it). at this level of fangirl-status obsession, it's hard to believe that i used to detest lady gaga merely months ago.. enjoy! be back in a couple of days.


Nerdic.. said...

Cool photo! And I love that song.
X, fashionnerdic.

Hemaly▲ said...

Finals has everyone in a knot so don't worry.
I agree about Gaga. I used to hate her, but after 'Bad Romance' who can resist?

rebecca said...

i also love bad romance and now its no. 1 its gonna be everywhere! im getting a bit fed up of it coz ive heard it soo many times! x

Ruta said...

That picture is breathtaking.

I love Lady Gaga. Bad Romance is an amazing song.

womens wear said...

Fabulous pics! Loving it!

@LadyLUX said...

definitely an addicting song.