she was a long cool woman in a black dress

when i picked up the latest issue of vogue at the newsstand, i was a bit startled by its super svelte heft. of course, unsubstantially-sized january mags are certainly standard fare, but something about this particular issue felt particularly flimsy between my fingers. in the end, though, it turns out that the next decade's first installment of vogue is the glossy equivalent of my personal candy crack, welch's fruit snacks - quick and sweet, but actually nutritious and worth revisiting.

still, despite all the reveling in the past and anticipating future fashions, it was a brief m.i.a. feature, tucked away towards the tail end of the magazine, that stopped me in my tracks. i've been a fan of miss arulpragasam's early nineties fly girl-meets-tribal acid trip vibe for what feels like forever, but year after year of wild style can easily lose its edge, and i hadn't thought about her in a sartorial sense for quite some time. now she's absolutely killing it with this sexy, subdued style, a perfect older sister to her former look that's cleverly described as "iranian-american princess/sade."

when i recovered my lost jewelry back in october, i did a gleeful reassessment of my pieces and found that gold made up the vast majority of the collection. still, i've always opted to wear no more than two golden baubles at once, so as not to veer into gaudy territory. now, i have a distinct urge to pile on as much as possible, forcing the boundaries of poor taste to mingle with a bold, unapologetic sort of elegance that straddles the late seventies and early eighties, reminiscent of tina chow and a young anjelica huston. and the best part is that everyone from topshop to tom binns loves to tinker around with gold, making this an incredibly simple look to emulate. in some cases, it seems that all that glitters really is gold.

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Margaux. said...

love the nails in that first picture

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Pet peeve: when magazines are flimsy. I'm so let down by that!

Love the photos that you've posted. All the jewelry is fantastic!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Come again!

ANA MATTOS said...

I am such a big fan of gold jewelry!

Ruta said...

mmmm love those nails and the bracelet that is gold made our of little hearts is gorgeous.

Lilee said...


The Owl Diary said...

i love all this gold jewelry!
i also tend to wear no more than two pieces of gold jewelry at a time. but that's probably because the majority of my jewelry is silver. but i say wear all the gold you want. there is no shame in wearing what you love.

Lauren Goddard said...

All the jewellery is so perfect!

x x x

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment <3
love the nails in the first photo haha

a. said...


Nerdic.. said...

Gorgeous! The jewellery is perfect!
Thanks for the sweet comment dear <3, glad that you like my blog.

Friend in Fashion said...

Great post - love the way you write :)

The first photo is so striking - love it!


Cindy said...

that vogue may have been small, very small but it was the best vogue i've read in a long time. didn;t you think so? even though they made the gorgeous rachel mcadams look like a soccer mom on the cover. i'd take quality over quantity every time.

and yes, anja's waist is also very very small, lol.

Lissa said...

Gorgeous. I want all this jewelry haha :D

Raez said...

tell me about it! i cant wait to move out either:) and celebrate xmas not singing stupid carols for once!

loving this post, two of my favourite things: MIA and gold jewelry, how can you go wrong!

xx raez

Wendy said...

She looks amazing!

Dori said...

i love gold...and ya blog.