wear your gold in the summer with your biking shorts

in san francisco, sarah and i went to a trailer trash-themed bar called butter. we were understandably a bit apprehensive about it and showed up fairly early in order to sample the city's finer nightlife.

as we entered the fairly sketchy-looking building, old wwf wrestling matches and breakin' 2: electric boogaloo were being simultaneously projected onto the walls while an adorable girl dj churned out some grade a house party jams - needless to say, we stayed the entire night.

the only way it could have gotten any better is if i'd dressed for the occasion, pairing my skintight high-waisted sasson jeans with one of these fantastic vintage tees. i can't remember for the life of me where i found them, but i do remember that both were obscenely expensive, so i'll settle for soaking up the nostalgia through my computer screen.



Cindy said...

omg. the bell biv devoe tee is unreal. i bought my sister that tape for xmas when i was like 7.

so intrigued by the cali road trip. i'd like to do the drive down the coast thing one day and go to san francisco. sounds like you had a blast.

oh, i have an eyebrow obsession too. megan fox, isabel lucas, obvi. audrey hepburn. oh and even ion guys, case in point colin chisholm, grade 10 i crushed him hard because of his eyebrows... i'm such a dork.

Jess said...

Why is it that people think that because they walk into a vintage or charity shop and find the t-shirts then put them on the internet, that that means they can charge 10 times what they paid for it? It's sad because those are very lovely.

Great blog by the way! =)