you could smoke a spliff with a cliff but there's still no mountain hiiigh enough

after slogging through an unfortunate series of airline delays, mechanical issues, fuel shortages, closed airports, and about fifteen hours in transit, intermittent drizzle and a gunmetal sky welcomed me back to the 02138 this morning. sheer exasperation alone kept my mood from plummeting accordingly - even the most dismal weather beats the inside of an airport, after all.

as for the blissful week i just spent in st. petersburg, florida, i have a bad habit of - or is it a handy knack for? - living in the moment rather than documenting it. as a result, i have absolutely no photographic evidence of my time spent watching french movies about french women, sifting through wedding dresses, falling into the baroque world of fernando botero, enjoying long walks on the beach, and reading lolita by the pool. trust me when i say that i gorged myself on the best gelato in the world, and just take my word for it that sara and i spent friday night rubbing elbows with a bunch of middle-aged women, jersey shore-types, crooklyn clan, and tone loc.

undocumented claims aside, i happen to have an abundance of st. pete souvenirs to make up for my total lack of vacation snapshots. naturally, all of these souvenirs happen to fall squarely into the sartorial realm - so much for a shopping system. i was planning on allowing myself to buy two more items for the month of march, and ended up with eight or nine new things, and that's not including the things i cajoled my dear mother into buying before even arriving in florida.. oops?

still, as heady as i felt slapping down the plastic time after time, i swear i wasn't acting completely on impulse. as i explained to a friend, i felt as if i were suddenly shopping for my postgraduate self - who can don something a bit dramatic without looking too over the top for, say, a seminar on protestantism in american literature - and it was a great feeling, indeed.

images to come, folks.

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Jess said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time & the items you buy when you've told yourself not too always turn out to be the ones you love the most!

Love the blog =)

rebecca said...

hey its great to see im not the only one who just forgets to take pictures on holiday! my friends all go mad at me and i do try and explain that i was going on a break not a photo shoot! it sounds like an amazing holiday and living for the moment on holiday is definitely a good thing (in my humble opinion!) x

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments, so sweet of you!


xs said...

sounds like a fun and relaxing time! can't wait to see what you put down the plastic for . . .

little shadow said...

Mmm a week in Florida sounds like heaven x

UnoCosa said...

i totally agree - holiday should be about the wonderful moments - sometimes documented and sometimes not! either way - amazing time is all you need .... xx

Damsels said...

sounsd like a horrible time :(
at least it is over now .. cant wait tos ee some of your new things


damn the delays and such seems to really be hitting people down..but it could be alot worse right? :(

Im still waiting for your visit back to my fashion based photography blog girl! =]