i guess that this must be the place

just when i thought an imminent drop in temperature was the biggest issue on my horizon, life stepped in to show me what real problems look like. if i knew anything about baseball, now would be an appropriate time to make a poignant comment about curveballs, but you get the idea.

to make a long story short: i moved into manhattan, took on a daunting roster of internships and part-time jobs, and lost my grandmother, all in the span of one week. i've always been pretty vocal about the significance of fashion, but for a while there, i just couldn't rustle up the will to talk shop - hence the extended silence on this end.

it took some time, but a lot of contemplation and reassessment has put me in a good place to return to writing. so let's begin again, shall we?


My Republic of Fashion said...

Great post. Inspiring and sad all at the same time. :)SarahD

Isquisofrenia said...

such a cool photo!

Ali said...

I' sorry to hear for your loss. <3 but I am very glad that you are back, I have missed you! I hope that you can start your life up again. :)


nice to have you back :)
sorry to hear about your sad news.