good to good to good to go solo

earlier this week, the lovely isquisofrenia rocked an oversized blazer with what looked like a black body suit underneath. freaking out commenced.

"is that a bodysuit beneath the blazer? the only way this look could get any better is if you're rocking a bodysuit."

good news, guys: it was a bodysuit! yes, lady gaga might have done it to death, but i still love to see a ballsy broad rocking a shrink-fitted bodysuit in a cool way. still, the time has come to bring in the male contingent. i wanna see some downtown dudes rocking singlets and/or bike shorts with suspenders, stat. see above for inspiration.

hipsters, make this happen. if anyone needs me, i'll be writing my name down the length of my blazer sleeve with iron-on transfers.

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CDG said...

Totally nostalgic..Okay so, I wasn't born until years after this but still, nostalgic :) All guys should dress like this and bodysuits should become a staple in everyone's wardrobe.