turn like a wheel inside a wheel


oh, hello, wardrobe of my dreams! didn't see ya hiding out there in the pages of v magazine - good thing alley pointed you out to me! [via les yeux sans visage]

i'm about to start listing kiernan shipka as one my style icons. hers is by far one of the best features i've seen on the coveteur yet. [via]

i saw ryan gosling walking his dog the other day, which led to the rediscovery of this gem. [via]

this article made cringe on multiple occasions. for the record, i've been a victim and perpetrator of this particular crime. [via nyt]

miss griesser, you had me at striped romper and emerald green headscarf. [via backyard bill]

[via vmag]

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The GUILTY HYENA said...

they look funk-dafied!