we got a little lot of what we want

there's no such thing as showing up early to opening day at brimfield. by sunrise, a dedicated cadre of collectors and aesthetic enthusiasts have been scouring twenty-three fields along a mile-long stretch of us rt. twenty for hours, looking to breathe new life into those pieces that evoke that visceral and gloriously ephemeral reaction - when it happens, you just know.

this quest is not a task taken lightly. when alley i showed up to do interviews - admittedly late to the party at six am - it took the best of our powers of persuasion to pry folks away from the fields for just a five minute chat. ladies and gentlemen - for your consideration, the fruits of our labor.

fun fact: the opener on this video is a picture of all the stuff alley and i took home at the end of two days at brimfield - we did
damage. and then i went back for a third day.

[via stylelikeu]


Leanne and Jenna said...

I really enjoyed watching the interviews. Such interesting people and their fashion addictions. The little boy was adorable!
- Jenna

jamie-lee said...

Loved watching the video - I am now wishing I could go to Brimfield!!