i got the feelin' i'm a-fallin'


i don't mean to be dramatic, but if you could boil my very aura down to its essential elements and then reconstruct those mercurial intangibles into a pair of shoes, this would be it.

if anyone needs me, i'll be staring at my bank account and intermittently scribbling furiously on a piece of scrap paper, trying to see if i can justify an eight hundred dollar pair of flats.

[via charlotte olympia]


Luxi said...

ahaha these are so cute.so simple so clever


The GUILTY HYENA said...

How quirky and cute looking, loving the gold heels too.

I certainly wouldn't mind if someone created a significant cheaper priced replica of these shoes.


um, so, guess what's amazing? THESE SHOES. they are so freaking fierce. I'm kind of over black flats (hello a billion years of a uniform requiring polishable black shoes, blechh) but these totally appeal to me! I LOVEEEE THEM. Thanks for sharing. We can now all swoon together.


Margaux said...

I saw those somewhere else and they remind me of the marc jacobs mouse flats. anyway they're great, I'd never be willing to spend so much on them though. I'd rather spend more on a really great pair of heels or boots I think.

Sadie Rose said...

i love your writing so much! thank you for the bday love. XO

July Stars said...

I absolutely adore these cat shoes... Super cute!