it's poppin'

so there's this english class that i'm taking this semester, about american cultures and countercultures of the 1960s, and i'm absolutely in love with it; it converted me to an english major. unfortunately, due to a general deluge of responsibilities and deadlines, i find myself falling behind in the class (much like my other classes, come to think of it..). even worse, when i go to lectures, which are almost always awesome, i fall asleep! against my will, of course.. the material is more than interesting, but i simply don't get enough sleep at night. today i was determined to stay up in class, and brought all kinds of diversions along to keep me awake and focused, and luckily, it worked. i say 'luckily' because today's lecture was a really great one, called 'pop art goes to war'. a particularly great part of it for me was when he brought up james rosenquist's 'f-111', which i saw in august2006 at the moma when rupal took me out on a pre-college outing before i left for school. i remember we just sat down in the room, the entirety of which was taken up by the piece, soaking it in and letting natira take myspace pictures of herself. i always think about it, especially the blond girl underneath the weird metallic head covering/blowdryer bit, but could never recall the name of it and didn't know much about it. knowing the background and some of the meaning behind it only makes me love it that much more. aside from that, there was the usual andy warhol bit, and a lot of other relevant and interesting information, but, as always, fashion was hopelessly ignored. i mean, did warhol's pop art not extend to his creation of 'the souper dress'? whatever. i could go on for days about how i feel my personal academic experience, as well as a lot of specific classes lose credibility in my opinion, by choosing to overlook the power and presence of fashion in history and everyday life. i probably will one day.

but.. naturally, i got to thinking about pop art influences on the runway. a quick style.com search brought up a handy look book, but.. i don't know. i see the influences, but alot of the chosen looks rely on colors that pop, hence the title, 'pop art! colours sp08'..

but i want icons! mass culture! kitsch! enter karl. "summer nights, grease, fifties americana.. and the ronettes singing be my baby in the background."

i can't exactly decide what feelings are about the entire collection, though the second half definitely wooed my sensibilities a tad more than the first, but it definitely fulfilled my hankering for pop art revisited on the ss08 runway on a tuesday afternoon. but if you're not a fan, maybe soviet kitsch is more your style.

are those fingerprints on this VBH clutch? me likes, makes me think of those color-blocked heels (by a designer who i can't remember and it's driving me MAD) with the blue satin square at the ankle that drew comparisons to the ubiquitous monitoring devices worn on the ankles of troubled tabloid starlets.

and while i can't find any photos yet, this new barbie line by patricia field barbie line by patricia field might also hit the spot, though i hope it doesn't overshoot its mark. it's easy to cross the line into the realm of garish with that stuff, but i have faith in patricia field. fingers crossed.

mm-mm good,

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jessica said...

lovesss iit! cant wait for the barbie line!!!