you know how there are some things that you thoroughly dislike and approve of at the same time? you can make an entire list of reasons why you are not a fan of said thing.. but then at the same time, you're intrigued by it and even though you know it should probably be rejected, you can't help but appreciate it. i feel that way about alot of things, but i usually just give in to the positive aspects of the topic at hand and chalk it up to a guilty pleasure.. or five.

and here they are:

1) attractive women with cigarettes: i'm actually a pretty steadfast fan of this. it's only under the category of guilty pleasure because i know the health risks/dangers/etc. of smoking. but honestly, if i had a little less regard for my own health, i might have picked up the habit long ago. appreciation scale: 9.

2) cory kennedy: seriously, i don't know what it is with her. it's like for every aesthetically pleasing thing about her, i can find something that's not. actually, it's not even that simple. even the things i think i've decided are not aesthetically pleasing one day seem like they are the next day. and then sometimes, i rationalize that i'm probably being a hater, supersized, and i'd actually love to have her life, but then sometimes, i don't think i do.. i'm just confused. appreciation scale: 6-7.. maybe 8 on a good day.

3) lindsay lohan: i know girls on all sides of the fence of this one, but a common consensus seems to be something like, 'she's kind of a train wreck now, but she used to be awesome.' her trajectory in the public eye strikes me as mean girls out of high school on drugs, but i'll be damned if i can look away. i'd argue that there have only been a few points in time when she didn't look fabulous. okay, maybe more than a few. who cares, i can't let her go. appreciation scale: 8-9.

4) last night's party: i like to look at the photo collections online and in magazines about this gala and that ball.. i love the dramatic looks that the celebutantes and socialites create with clothes and shoes snatched right from the latest runway shows and hair and makeup done by pros. but just like i can't get enough of street style, i like looking at photos of grittier parties to see the sartorial tendencies of those who (i'd like to believe) operate on budgets more like my own. and operating under that pretense, sometimes i'd appreciate a little less tits, tongue and ass on the site, but the voyeur in me loves it. appreciation scale: 8-9.

5) urban outfitters: it's right there in the square, and it glares at me as i go about my daily business. i try to stay out of it.. it sucked up so much of my money last year, it's ridiculous. but god, i miss it so.. i stop in every now and then just to satisfy the urge, though i make sure to stay out of the women's section. bargain basement or nothing is how i roll these days. appreciation scale: 9-10.


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Camilla said...

Thanks for the sweet comment and compliments on my blog, appreciate it! ;) I really love yours too and linked you in my blogroll.

This post is awesome and I really agree with you on all of them. I love editorials where the models are smoking and there's something so glamorous about it, but on the other hand I wish the cancer stick wasn't such a "fashionable accessory". Smoking is unhealthy, stupid and addictive. Bleh.

Have fun at the M.I.A concert! I'm really jealous :( you have to tell me later what she was wearing!