"all i wanna do is
! ! ! !
and take ya money."

two tickets to see the M.I.A. show in worcester, ma: $42
two round-trip tickets on the mbta commuter rail from south station to worcester: $31
a quick mcdonald's dinner at south station: about $15
cab from worcester train station to the palladium: $4
two red bulls: about $5
cab from south station back to harvard square: about $21
the best night i've had in a long time: priceless

cameron simultaneously kisses me, knocks my glasses askew, and manages to look like he's creepily smelling my hair.

i'll try and keep this brief, because i could honestly go on and on about the delight and awesomeness that was last night. the opening act, big digits, was such a welcome surprise! i was so psyched to find out that they're a local act! i will be stalking them all over the boston area from now on (it also doesn't hurt that i find one of them to be absolutely gorgeous, but that's just me).

then after a pretty long wait, she came out, clad in shiny black leggings with multicolor iridescent panels traveling down and wrapping around her legs, converses, and an oversized black tupac tee with 'I GET A ROUND' on the back.. she had what i would call gold sequin-y wingtips on both sides of her face, but i couldn't tell if they were on her face or part of her sunnies. overall, the woman looked outrageously amazing and maintained immense stage presence throughout the entire show. "i don't want this to be a show.. this needs to be a party," and with that, she invited about fifity or sixty girls up on stage with her. later, after security nixed that, she said, "if they can't come to me, i'll come to them," and proceeded to walk the outskirts of the stage and then crowd surf. while i was a marginal fan before, i'm a certified diehard now. i'm pretty much in love with her. i'll stop myself now to keep from gushing. and let the pictures commence:*

*pictures may range from shoddy to downright bad. the crowd was fucking insane. i was so squished that i couldn't even throw my hands in the air, or wave 'em round like i just didn't care, let alone take decent pictures. apologies.

mash up and in a haze,

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Camilla said...

WOOOOOOW!!! Awww, I wish I was there! :'( M.I.A is just fantastic. Wow, is she wearing the sequin pants from topshop??