i found this picture on a stockholm street style website a few weeks ago and thought this guy was absolutely adorable, but other than that, i had no particular reason to post it.

and then last night happened.. here's an excerpt from last night's frantic conversation:

me:: omg meg
me:: i'm bugging out
me:: there's this big gray cardigan that cam bought from the gap
me:: and i wear it all the time
me:: and i just washed it
me:: and dried it
me:: and its mini
me:: omggggggggg
me:: what do i do???
me:: i need to buy a replacement one
she:: hmmmm
me:: omg im flipping.. i just pulled it out of my clean clothes to wear out because we're going to dinner but it's mini so i shoved it back in before he saw it
she:: i dont know
she:: omg

...we have quite intelligent conversations, but eventually we came to some sort of solution.

me:: i can't believe this is happening lol i think i could just not mention it and he'd forget the sweater exists but..
me:: ahhh fuck this menswear trend.. it got me in trouble
she:: hahaha just tell him
she:: it's not your fault
she:: it happens
me:: you think?

all of this was much more helpful than what i got from my cousin when i implored her for help.

me:: so there's this big gray button-down cardigan that i always wear.. it's camerons and i tried to be nice and wash and dry it but it shrunk!
me:: and i don't know what to do
she:: OMG
she:: ha ha ha ha ha ha!

i finally told him, even though i was terrified that he'd be upset. it seems like i'm constantly wearing his clothes lately, and to be ruining them on top of it is just too much. i told him i'd stop freeloading his wardrobe and buy him a replacement sweater, but he insisted that i do nothing of the sort. i'm still buying him a replacement sweater. he actually thought the situation was pretty hilarious too, and modeled the new sweater for me.

and that's when i realized.. it doesn't look all that bad. it had a very cool oversized fit to it, which is why i was addicted and couldn't stop wearing it, but looking at Stylish Stockholm Boy makes me think that maybe with a more fitted shirt underneath and the sweater unbuttoned..maybe cameron could still get a few wears out of it? oh, who am i kidding, i'm probably just trying to compensate for the fact that i ruined a perfectly good sweater that didn't even belong to me. sigh.

*title of post refers to my own inability to do laundry, and not the personal style of SSB or the unwavering pillar of awesomeness that is cameron.


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