i saw this one coming.

i remember the fateful day when i first watched the video for lil mama's 'lip gloss'. i was waiting for someone to come out and say 'PSYCHE!' or something like that at the end, but i came to the slow realization that the chick was not kidding.. dead serious, actually. and then the song became way popular and i couldn't escape it, so i gave in with a pinch of humor and a dash of laughter. but i knew it was only a matter of time before the next cosmetic-related song&vid would make its way onto the scene, and here it is (of course, jess would be the first to know):

kid sister featuring kanye west & a-trak - "pro nails"

oh man. there are plenty of things that make me cringe in this video, but i think this girl has an awesomely bold look and attitude. plus i loveloveLOVE the loud patterned leggings and baggy, super80s windbreaker jackets. and kanye west is always a delight in my book.

those crazy nails take me right back to high school, though. our rule book specified that fingernails were not to extend more than fraction of an inch past the tips of our fingers while maintaining a natural color, but that rule went right out the window, along with the ones banning denim or motorcycle jackets and specifying how short our skirts could be. teachers unanimously expressed disdain and/or disgust at the claws the some girls sported, while some of them would cite the rule itself and hand out detentions, demanding that the atrocities be removed by the next day. but it seemed nothing could stifle their popularity. even the nails in this video are mostly long but straight with wild designs. girls at school used to go so far as to get 'fans' or 'spoons' put on, fake nails that expanded outwards from the nail bed, essentially creating a little fan (or spoon, if they also curved from the fingertip) on each finger. i can't find any pictures of them, but i think that may actually be a blessing.

while i don't think i'll ever be a fan of nails like those (actually i'm positive.. i'm kind of wanting to end this post as soon as possible hah), it does inspire me to do something creative with my own nails, considering they don't fall out my personal realm of taste. i tend to think that if one's (natural) nails are healthy and filed to a nice (natural) shape, a strong color is all that's necessary to make them stand out. but even an old-fashioned girl like me can appreciate a few innovative nail designs. those monochromatic dior ads, for instance. of course, this is all mere speculation. i very rarely bother to wear nail polish at all, but to any girl out there that's "got her toes done up, with her fingernails matching", you definitely have my respect, and possibly my appreciation.

au natural,

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