That's for sure. So I have this thing.. I cannot get rid of it. It's called expensive taste. And for a college student, with a part time job, and suffocating in debt.. it's not so great. It's funny, I can look at a bag and it's like 300$ and this crazy voice in my head says, "NOT BAD!" Meanwhile I make less than that in a whole week. My point is even if it's all the money I have, I will spend it, cool.

I fell in love. Miu Miu. On SALE for $1263. I'm crying inside. So expensive, and it's LAST SEASON! I've checked Ebay, Bluefly, all that good stuff.. nothing under $500. wahhhhhhh.

Woe is me,


Camilla said...

It's so lovely! :'( and so expensive *cry*

jessica said...

i say... money is no object... and u cant carry ur money on ur shoulder or put stuff in it....i say charge it then report ur credit card stolen!!!! =] jk thats mean...n karma's a bitch...but i miss and love youuuu!! ♥ x infiniti + one