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at my school, they've been tossing around the idea of altering our academic calendar so that it resembles, oh i don't know, the rest of the country's? we start our fall semester in mid- to late september (compared to mid- to late august for everyone else), have very short thanksgiving and christmas breaks (about 5 days and 2 weeks, respectively), and are due back at school the day after new year's for a week and a half or so of what's called reading period, in which there are no classes (aside from language courses), and everyone studies for their finals, which take place in mid- to late january. then the last week of january, we have off and our new semester begins at the beginning of february. and yes, our year ends pretty late, around the end of may. it's a pretty inefficient system in my opinion for lots of logistical reasons, as well as several possibly silly and personal reasons. for instance, it's all fine and dandy to make all these awesome new year's resolutions, but then when i come back to school in january, i feel like i spend the whole first month tying up the loose ends of the last year.. keeping on top of my schoolwork is difficult when i'm trying to make up for all the not-keeping up i did in the past semester in order to pass finals.. likewise, keeping up a clean room is nearly impossible to do when i'm spending every second studying. my last exam, and by extension my day of freedom will be the 22nd, when i take my french final. until then my schedule looks like this:

-011008: french oral exam
-011308: english paper due (10pgs)
-011408: anthropology paper due (15pgs)
-011708: history final
-011908: english final
-012208: french final

luck? wish me some?

with a sigh,

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