ok baby, it's your trip

i know, i know.

i'm supposed to be incommunicado until finals are over, but now my list looks like this

-011008: french oral exam
-011308: english paper due (10pgs)
-011408: anthropology paper due (15pgs)
-011708: history final
-011908: english final
-012208: french final

and i'm oddly confident about my french exam (although i've yet to begin studying). anyway, when i took a quick peek at jezebel, i found something that could make the banished come out from self-imposed exile and extoll the virtues of human creation.

in other words, john galliano, how you get so fly? "a psychedelic luxe '60s hallucinogenic trip with a side trek through the animal kingdom" indeed, and oh god how i'm loving it! maybe it's a result of dwelling on the end of the 60s for so long at the end of my english class, but i felt myself drifting into early70s appreciation, 'layla' and 'the mary tyler moore show', but i'm definitely taking a detour back to a land of 1960s mash-ups, to what jackie kennedy might have worn if she and oleg cassini had spent extended periods of time with the merry pranksters.. extended cigarette holders, heavy lids and long lashes, spilled martinis and a perpetual glittery haze..


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