and i'm back!

word's cant express the weight that's been lifted off my shoulders. this past semester didn't seem all too demanding at the start, but it all came crashing down around my head toward the end, and i was just holding my breath and counting the minutes until it would be over.

every study break i took during these past couple of frantic weeks consisted of me checking up on my favorite blogs, and internalizing all of the inspiration, saving it for the day when i could let it all out, and now i'm just itching to just start anew.

this is like the real beginning of my new year, and aside from all the deep and personal resolutions, i want to do a million and one things: find another job, write, get a new (drastic) haircut, find myself an awesome summer opportunity, read, shop like mad, pick better classes next semester (!), be more diligent about schoolwork(!!!), visit friends, sing, draw, brush out the cobwebs! i apologize if this is getting a little too "these are a few of my favorite things," but school is just really not my cup of tea, to be honest, and once a semester is over, i really feel renewed and determined to make the next one at the very least a tad more bearable. if writing it all down is what it takes to initiate some change, then so be it.

but moving away from what i'll do, what have i done? on wednesday, just finished with exams, i headed to new york with cameron for a few days of fun, the highlights of which were seeing spamalot (now with clay aiken), and heading to my old place of employment, the american museum of natural history, for a cool kids/kid sister concert. i staked out our spot front and center, and locked it down for the entire night (i still cringe at our m.i.a. concert experience back in november), which was a good thing because it turned out to be an amazing show. i've been preaching to anyone who cares to listen about the cool kids for quite some time now, and my crush on mikey rocks has only grown since i got snuffed by him multiple times as his energetic arm gestures made contact with my front-row lovestruck mug. at one point, he almost knocked my glasses off and touched my shoulder in mid-song apology. i'm sold. did i mention the stage was really small/low?

then kid sister came out and i was so pleasantly surprised. i've liked her style for awhile, but just when i thought she'd come onstage in some awesome neon throwback ensemble, she came out looking just as adorable as can be! i love the way she brought life to a simple white and black ensemble with stacks of fun bangles.. they jingle-jangle-jingled the entire night as she moved, and she moved a whole lot. those heels didn't stop her for a second, and neither did bronchitis or a bunch of shitty microphones.. an awesome set, and when she noticed me screaming the lyrics and shoved the microphone in my face, shy-shy me even managed to sing and not cower away.

p.s.: she is really really pretty.
p.p.s.: she's dating a-trak, and gave his parents in the audience a shout-out. too cute.

and then as she got to kanye west's verse of 'pro nails', who but kanye himself should come on stage?! to say it was unbelievable is probably the understatement of the year. apparently, it's one of his first performances since the death of his mother.. ? and he executed it well. ah-ma-zing. and that's all.

other highlights of the trip include: the food (and we ate alot of it), trolling toy stores, the jimi hendrix lookalike playing guitar in the union square station with the beautiful russian blue, and our hotel, the gershwin, thirteen floors of pungent art supply and old building scent, filled to capacity with art, walls splashed with color, the new york equivalent of being in walt disney world (the massive walt disney portrait in the lobby was a notion not lost on me). andy warhol is something like the patron saint of the hotel, and it did feel like i was walking through popism at times. for instance, on the tenth floor where we stayed, the theme was factory-era billy name photography. i found myself taking the stairs just to see the other floors' themes. we had a beautiful pablo picasso (literally) watching over us in our room, and i liked it so much i had to take him home with me, albeit via the broke college-student method: snapshot.

all in all, i was sorry to leave, but excited for a new start back in cambridge. on the horizon: "new year's" eve/day celebration with loved ones the night before and of the new semester, a one-day new york trip as a belated birthday surprise to my roommate, possibly taking a class that includes fashion (there are very few in the curriculum), valentine's day, a style assessment and overhaul, finally reading the collection, hippie, bohemia, and all the other beautiful books i had to ignore all semester, saving and spending money more wisely, spring cleaning, and other assorted good times.

starting fresh,

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