vagabond shoes, roommate blues

after all my exultations, joyously proclaiming my release from the fetters of last semester, here i am without a post to show for it since.

to that end, i can only say that while the new semester is busier than ever, i'm absolutely dedicated to staying on top of it this time around. so if i'm just as tied up as i was last semester, at least i'm not deathly miserable and/or in denial and procrastinating endlessly this time around.

i have no idea why my new york pictures aren't showing up below. i've done some traveling since then, but with no batteries and no money in my bank account, there is no visual documentation of my voyages. life is rough.

this past saturday, my roommate blair and i surprised our third roommate sara with a trip to new york as a belated birthday gift. her birthday had fallen right in the midle of exams and we hadn't managed to celebrate it properly. the day was quite the success, with lots of food, laughter, silliness, and stops at the zoo, the stores on 5th, and bryant park. unfortunately, it was pretty dead when we stopped by the tents, but exciting nonetheless. on the way home, we wrote scrawled a manifesto (i decided that manifestos must be scrawled from bursts of raw inspiration, so that became the verb of choice) basically resolving to be more spontaneous and less chained to schoolwork.

then yesterday, while i was picking up stray hours at work (i'm so broke), sara texted and asked if i wanted to go to the obama rally in boston. i dropped everything and rushed off as soon as possible, but even though we got there an hour and a half early, we waited for no less than four hours in the cold, inching forward across several blocks to finally make it in. it was downright murder on my feet, despite wearing flats, but so worth it to make it inside and hear him speak.

and through it all, there's been school and work and life and love.. i'm currently taking five classes, but should it become too daunting (four classes is the standard full workload per semester), i can probably drop one class. my classes are an english seminar (required for my concentration); i picked the one named literature and the mediated self (sounds a little bleh, but i think it'll be all right once we get down it); an english elective, crime & horror in victorian literature & culture (lots of fun already, the professor is hilarious), a science core (required); i picked the human mind (seemed and still seems very interesting, but some seniors are now telling me horror stories about it); and a studies of women, gender and sexuality class called food, gender & culture (eating disorders and famine galore! just kidding, it's pretty interesting). oh yeah, and french. i had wanted to take a class on fashion, maybe the one class in the entire harvard curriculum that addresses fashion directly, but it simply didn't fit into my schedule, so maybe next year.

and on the sartorial front, i've been keeping my eyes peeled, on the shows, my environment, street style, my favorite blogs, my friends here and at home, and soaking it all in. thing is, i'm really trying not to go into a frenzy, i.e. "i want ----- and ----- and ----- for spring!", only because i just have no means with which to acquire any of it. but thoughts, those are some of the rare things that i can dish out at no cost, and starting tomorrow, i'll do just that.

à demain,

p.s.: oh yeah, 'roommate blues'. my roommate is all of a sudden really, really starting to annoy me. that's all. time to read hamlet!

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