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i often make blanket statements pertaining to what i will and won't do in terms of fashion.

but to be honest, there are no rules, really.

and that's not a testament to my unflappable confidence or anything.. it's more like an example of my indecisiveness. i swear to wean myself off my black and white dependence, and then buy nothing of color for months. or i resolve to buy essential wardrobe staples, and buy the first outrageous thing i set my sights on.

it's all very hit-or-miss, and pretty expensive to boot. there are so many things in my closet that i look at and ask myself, "exactly what were you thinking when you laid down cold hard cash and purchased this atrocity?", but to no avail. there can be no answers, just gut feelings and intuition, and when i make the decision to buy clothes, there's really no convincing me othwerwise.

it all started innocently enough the other day with a short-sleeve v-neck tee at american apparel. but then when my friend josh bought a red and black buffalo plaid button-down, i wanted to get in on the fun and bought the turquoise and black in a smaller size. and just when i thought i was done, i saw it. the crayola/mcdonald's-esque red and yellow, the crazy colors and pattern on the coogi sweater, big poppa himself. it seemed almost serendipitous, since i've recently been digging up a lot of my old hip-hop. i had to have it. 90s revival, here i come.

will i wear it at harvard? maybe, maybe not. but i will be wearing it out during summer in the city, trust.

my instincts tell me that with a shirt that bold, it's best to keep the rest simple, but in a perfect world where i had chanel 2.55's in different colors to choose from, i wouldn't be able to resist pairing it with a lemon yellow one, and black wayfarers.. bamboo earrings for era/chav/hood cred, and some killer wedges (nine west: who knew?).

is it summer yet? my fashion sensibilities are begging to get obnoxious.


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