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"i hope you're not becoming a lesbian." -a co-worker, in response to my tale of friday's shopping excursion

okay, so this totally snuck up on me, but i am on a major androgynous kick these days.

and just to clarify, this might be the weirdest fashion phase i've ever gone through.

to be fair, i haven't exactly been wearing ribbons and lace all my life. i usually fought my mother when she wanted me to wear frilly things, and during high school, since i wore a uniform skirt every day, i mostly wore pants outside of school, but tried to always keep it girly in some way. since i've been in college, i often resort to grabbing my boyfriend's sweaters in the morning when i don't feel like thinking about what to wear (which happens more often than i'd like).

but now i find myself actually perusing the men's section in stores, which is definitely a new development. i really like the simpler cuts of men's shirts, and honestly when it comes to tees, some of the designs are simply cooler.

and this might be the craziest idea i've ever had, but i'm actively jonesing for a short haircut (me and all of london, apparently). even though i've never had hair longer than my shoulders, i've always adamantly rejected the idea of a short hairstyle. when i fell at the mercy of a hairdresser who didn't heed my wishes, there was no initial crying and later appreciation, only months of misery until it grew back to an acceptable length.

most of my apprehension came from the fact that i never thought my face to be feminine enough to carry off a short cut without resembling a boy, and yet i can't shake my determination to chop it short.

but it needs to be a very good cut.. i'm still very nervous about it. my old fears haven't totally subsided, and i don't want to use the wrong terminology and end up looking more hillary clinton than agyness dean. i shudder at the thought.

anyway, moving from what boys wear to the games they play, this article was in the times and it's the story of my life (ugh). does this mean he'll never grow up?

and now i'm off to finish wuthering heights!

belle butch,


Banana Raccoon said...

Great post. Androgeny is cool.

selinaoolala said...

ooo loving your blog! adding it to my links right now

Camilla said...

I've always been a fan of the tomboy look. It's cool when girls dress like boys.... and very feminine in a way.