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last night, my roommates and i stayed up until 3am reliving our pop-infused childhoods (because we're responsible/cool like that). we hit itunes and youtube running, bringing out our best britneys, christinas, and spice girls.. and then we dug deep and came up with some hokus and b*witcheds.

one thing that became newly apparent to us was that aside from being equal parts plain and/or heinous, alot of the stuff that these girls were wearing were straight-up hookerwear. and for some reason, this was okay. as my roommate puts it, "i just assumed that when i turned 16 or 17, that's what the world would dress like." ditto. she also has memories of being devastated that her mom wouldn't buy her pleather pants for a christina aguilera concert. i remember jockeying hard for my right to wear belly shirts. luckily, my mom won that battle.

it's a little garish looking back on the evidence, but i can't help but have a little bit of nostalgia for my teenybopper era and all of its poor style choices. i mean, look at rihanna. she's all glamour at all the red carpet events, etc., but on stage? jesus.

and in related news, while the end of the spice girls' reunion tour may have some people a little down, i stumbled across the article that summed up the saddest day of my nine-year old existence.

girl power,


ambika said...

Wow, what a flashback. Though I wasn't a teen when these guys were at their height, it really is kind of surprising (and definitely garish) in retrospect.

Saer Ze said...

yeahhh i miss girl/boy bands... bring em back!