the electric kool-aid acid show, revisited

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"It was a trip around what John Galliano called the "optimism and opulence" of the sixties, amped up with bright color, lashings of paillette embroidery, and Western hats." - sarah mower, style.com

the dior couture show saved me from exam period hell.

i described it as "a land of 1960s mash-ups... what jackie kennedy might have worn if she and oleg cassini had spent extended periods of time with the merry pranksters.. extended cigarette holders, heavy lids and long lashes, spilled martinis and a perpetual glittery haze.."

personally, i can never get enough of the 60s, and the dior ready to wear show has now indulged my affinities.

i'm not gonna lie, as i started to browse the collection, i wasn't feeling the love. but it took all of 30 seconds to win me over, and i'm sold. except on the eyes. they scare me a little bit. they make all the models look a little off-putting, a little cross-eyed.. a bit like early barbie dolls (especially chanel iman). maybe that was the point, in which case, i retract my statement and put forth a new one that says, job well done! the only detail shot i really liked of the makeup was the on on the left of catherine mcneil, with her eyes closed. only then does the eye makeup look legitimately fabulous to me.

also, wikipedia says there's a movie version of the electric kool-aid acid test coming out in 2009!

and now grokking,

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