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since i'm currently compiling my travel playlist for wednesday's flight, i figured i'd post about some of the artists i've recently begun listening to. from left to right, in order from fledgling to full-blown obsession:

gabriella cilmi i actually stumbled upon her myspace just today, and i'm having a hard time getting my hands on her music (her songs aren't available on the us itunes store), so i only have the songs on her myspace to go by, but i'm loving what i hear so far. apparently she's from australia and only sixteen years old.. impressive.

fall in love with: 'sweet about me', 'einstein'

the pierces moving from australia to the us, the pierces are originally from birmingham, alabama and are now new york-based. i first saw/heard them on the 'hi, society' episode of gossip girl performing 'secret' (by the way, am i the only one who thinks gossip girl's punny episode titles are hilarious?). my boyfriend's reaction was something along the lines of what kind of music is this? was it made for the show? this isn't real, right? but i was intrigued and hunted it down, and i love them. listening to songs from their previous albums compared to the new one, thirteen tales of love and revenge, i've noticed that they acquired a heaping portion of edge that makes them irresistible. there's something deliciously dark about their music that's just perfect. and i've swayed my boyfriend's opinion of them too! their unbelievably good looks helped, i'm sure. and lo and behold, taylor has just now im'ed me about the pierces.. odd:

tee :: i'm watching the video on your myspace. who is that? they're beautiful
me :: isn't it great? the pierces. they're sisters. i was just watching them on youtube! the same video.. i forgot it was on my profile. WEIRD
tee :: hah!! that is weird actually. where are they from?
me :: umm alabama, now new york? i'm obsessed with them
tee :: NOOOO alabama??
me :: i mean that's where they were born i think.. people that hot don't come from alabama?
tee :: not that hott
me :: hahahah
tee :: <3

duffy usually vogue fills me with desire for things that i could never afford, but the april 2007 issue left me with a great appreciation for duffy of wales. i know the amy winehouse comparisons will be forthcoming, but i really hope that she doesn't end up stumbling through the streets of london, cracked out with a monstrous beehive. that would really make me sad. that said, i do love her retro vibe. there's something very brigitte bardot about her, no? and her voice is to die for.

fall in love with: 'warwick avenue', 'mercy', 'distant dreamer'

also on heavy rotation for the trip: crystal castles, feist, elton john, rilo kiley, jason mraz, m.i.a., billy joel, midnight juggernauts, spoon, kid sister, the beatles, micky green, bob dylan, the cool kids, cat power, devendra banhart, the notorious b.i.g., kate nash.

happy easter!


a side order of style said...

I love the pierces too! When i heard them on Gossip girl i automatically ran to the phone and called the girl who got me into them. I really like three wishes and boring. ah just had to put my two cents in. ahaha and now i continue to read the rest of the post... they kinda get me in an all to jubilant mood.

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