i give myself very good advice

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this has been a longgg week. next week and the week after will be just as bad, i think. and i'm trying to save up to visit my roommate in florida over spring break. so i decided to practice retail therapy in moderation after class let out for the weekend. the good news? i think i succeeded. the bad news? i'm going to newbury street in a few hours with friends. female ones. i'm screwed.

from left to right:
black flats from urban. very necessary. they're practically part of my daily uniform. all of my pairs are on their last leg (hah!.. sorry). satin, funnn.

one thing that i wanted but couldn't find at urban was a pair of earrings that i liked. after this, i'm planning on hitting up the nearest vintage shop while i head towards my lunch destination.

teen vogue i keep promising myself that i'm gonna stop buying teen vogues when i turn 20 and officially leave.. teenhood. i've got a few months left, but i'm starting to think that i won't be able to stop. but camilla belle? again? i don't have any problem with her, but, ehh..

french vogue i never ever buy foreign vogues. they're simply too expensive for my meager student budget. but i'd be lying if i said i'd never wished that i lived in england or france, so that american vogues would be foreign (and monotonous to boot) and i could buy my own country's version at a more comfortable price. but, i rationalized that i'm learning french, and what would be a more fun learning exercise for me than to read vogue in french? and it came with a cd! perfectly reasonable! right?

une vrai francophile,

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Mademoiselle Bariolée said...

i love foreign magazines! probably they're to expencive =(
in the last days i saw an french elle in berlin and it was about three times bigger than the german elle!! what a dream! but unfortunaly i don't spreak french ^^
like your blog - keep on writing!