they'll go ga-ga at the go-go

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so after much deliberation and scouring the internet for pictures, i've finally decided to go with..drumroll, please.. the cut on the right! i keep forgetting to call up the salon and make an appointment, but i'm totally committed to it.. it will happen. i'll now move on to looking for some bright statement earrings and cultivating the kicky spunk and aplomb i believe is necessary to carry off such a cut. god, i hope this turns out well.

also, compare the freja picture above to this one. still great features and all, but such a beauty when smiling, no?

p.s.: i remembered the above freja beha picture from both vogue and teen vogue, and searched relentlessly for it to no avail, until i finally thought to go to teenvogue.com where i promptly found it.. sigh. always in the last place you look, right?

hoping for the best,

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