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once upon a time in high school megan and i used to write notes to each other.. like, all day long. elaborate, hand-written notes with pictures, confessions, good news, secrets and nonsense, written out during several morning classes and passed along in the hallway to be replied to as soon as possible. i suspect we did it because, just getting to be friends at the time, we were shocked at how much we had in common. i know we did it because we were bored and couldn't stand to listen to what actually went on in class. we probably did it as a form of therapy, and i'm guessing we did it because it was a lot of fun.

one ubiquitous feature of our notes was the 'reasons to live' list, though we later changed the title to 'reasons to smile,' reasoning that reasons to live sounded a little dark, a little suicidal. anyway, the reasons ranged from 'spring is coming!' to 'going shopping this afternoon!', to '(insert boy's name here) is amazing' or 'step practice today!'.. and though the items on the list were usually things that made the writer smile, i think it always had the same effect on the reader, as well. it was a simple gesture that always seemed to put things in perspective and make things seem a little brighter. and because today is literally not bright, and this final stretch of papers and exams and whatnot has really got me down, i'm brushing the dust off the old 'reasons to smile' list and giving it another shot.

Reasons to Smile

1. spring time: despite the rain and a slight chill, it is spring, and that is a beautiful thing. the winter could not have lasted longer, and now we're only a stone's throw from summer..

2. speaking of springtime, i bought the most amazing vintage dress last week.. everything about it screams sunshine and happiness. i may be exaggerating, but this is a great dress. unfortunately, the lining was absolutely wrecked so i had to have it fixed, but i'm picking it up today! pictures to come.

3. and on the topic of pictures, i'm starting a picture-a-day project.. of anything, just so that i don't turn on my camera and wonder why i haven't documented anything in the past month or two.

4. i'm tempering my excitement until i hear back from my grant application, but i won't lie, the prospect of a month in france does make me smile whenever it crosses my mind.

5. i don't really know how last summer got away from me in terms of reading, but this summer i've got so many great books that i want to read! an excerpt from yesterday's conversation with taylor pretty much sums it up:
me :: TAYL i got the most awesome of awesome books yesterday you're gonna love them and we're gonna go to central park in the sunshine and read them while eating ice cream and dipping our feet in the filthy ponds

6. regardless of whether or not i end up going to paris, summer in the city of new york.. yes. scouring the island for vintage finds with jessica, flea markets, driving around with taylor with loud music and windows down, muggy nights, lazy days.. yes.

7. and sophie and sarah are spending the entire summer in new york as well, which is sure to make for great times.

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8. summer dressing: dresses and sandals and short sleeves and sunnies neons and florals and NO COATS OR SWEATERS

9. cameron bought me a new sketchbook = start drawing again

10. cameron in general

11. rock the bells = kid sister and the cool kids again = joy

12. taylor says to expect a painting from her in the mail soon.. i don't know to what i owe this great pleasure, but i'm glad to receive it

13. the i-D magazine i just bought.

14. happiness, health, and great clothes!


simply.steph said...

i love that, reasons to live does sound a little suicidal. but i defintely will keep the concept of this list in mind to brighten any day up.

a side order of style said...

ooh a reasons to smile list...i like that idea. i should make one of those for myself & consult it every time i feel down.
on another note, writing notes is totally the way to go. passes time quickly & is fun too!

-jae, SOS

ps. you`ve been tagged by us :)