happy birthday, megan!

the rain caught me unprepared with no jacket or umbrella, and there was an inexplicable half hour wait for the shuttle, so i had to walk home and i'm soaked, but nothing can erase my smile because today is megan's birthday, my style soulmate and the silent but supportive other half of this blog! and in honor of this special day, a virtual gift basket is going out with lots of love to my dearest.

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first off, a tea party with mary-kate olsen and nicole richie, with extra seats and crumpets in case marc jacobs, andy warhol, karl lagerfeld, or kid sister decides to show up. secondly, speaking of tea parties, that alice in wonderland tattoo you've been wanting.. thirdly, a super-classic pair of ray-ban wayfarers. there are no sunnies out there that wouldn't flatter your face, and therefore there's no other choice but to return to the classics. then for summer, some bright accessories from your namesake of a couple of summers ago, chloe. and last but not least a mixtape:

hello stranger - barbara lewis: because i haven't seen you in awhile, and andy warhol writes about this song in popism<3 href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=FyEFc72xIEE">boy in a rock&roll band - the pierces: for all the best between you and cory

air war - crystal castles

the breaks - kurtis blow: because.. well, you already know

helter skelter - the beatles

i turn my camera on - spoon: for the most photogenic girl i've ever known

'88 - the cool kids: for a throwback to our year of birth!.. and the old school hip-hop heads we once aspired to be

hair - hair soundtrack: because yours has been every style and color under the sun, and i've yet to see it look bad

shopaholic - verbz: because if this isn't our theme song, i don't know what is

time of the season - the zombies: love.

have a perfect day, dear!


SICK. said...

xxuuoh cute !
an alice in wonderland tattoo, i've never seen that before, it would be unfathomably amazing.


bronwyn said...

Love your collage, very well put together.

kitty kate said...

love your blog. very cute. i love mk and nicole forever.

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