here's the plan.


first i'm going to make it through this day - class, tutoring, work, studying, postering in my dorm for the fashion show..

then tomorrow i'm gonna get to campus at 6:45am and stay there until late night, helping to put on our spring concert (gavin degraw & wu-tang clan),

and then this weekend, i will possibly go out to other school's parties to promote the fashion show, work at home to promote the second concert going on next week (braddigan), and somewhere along the way, do some homework/studying/reading

next week, i'll be continuing to publicize the upcoming fashion show and concert.. thursday is the concert, friday is the fashion show

but on friday, jessica will be coming to town, so i'll be entertaining her next weekend, again hopefully finding time to do some schoolwork

and all along, i'll be writing the remaining 4 final papers, 2-4 response papers, and french compositions that stand between me and summertime,

then starting may 2, my events will all be done, but i'll be buckling down to study for all of my exams, ending may 22,

at which point i'll stat my spring clean-up job campus, leading to my reunion job looking after kiddies,

and then i'll finally make it home by june 8, and if everything works out with my grant applications, i'll be heading to paris on june 14 and coming home on july 19,

which is when i would start my camp job.. which i think will end around august 12.

and since i don't want to leave this blog alone until then, i'm going to add 'maintaining this blog' to the plan.

c'est bon?

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