a-hunting we will go

major absence, yes? my life is a whirlwind of responsibilities, homework, applications and upcoming events right now. i definitely overbooked myself and am now (and will be for the next several weeks) paying the price for it.

i've busted out my trusty old account book à la holly golightly, except i'm spending much more than her and i don't even have a sally tomato to balance my accounts. the fact remains that i'm trying to keep tabs on and reduce my spending, but the days here are (finally!) getting warmer and i'm dying to make some great spring/summer purchases.

my first plan of action is to cut my spending on food to channel it into other purchases, which is not so much a resolution to starve myself, but a plan to resume eating in the dining halls, even if their menus don't always float my boat. i take solace in the idea that while it's not the best food in the world, it is a distinctly college experience, one that i will (maybe) miss when i've graduated, so i'll take advantage of it now.

my second plan is to get back into vintage shopping. i've been known to supplement my wardrobe with vintage pieces pretty regularly, i guess, but i was beginning to grow tired of it. but now i think that happened because i had eased up on my online vintage searching and had resorted to hunting in person, which is great, but limited in my area. does anyone know of any good vintage shopping spots in the boston/cambridge area, outside of oona's and the garment district? that i can get to without a car? yeah, i know, my options are limited.

anyway, in the meantime, my convictions have been fully reaffirmed looking up my old favorite ebay haunts, though it's a struggle finding a suitable price range, especially on the nicest items. but that, my friends, is the true thrill of the hunt, yes?


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