oh, wow.

so you know when you have those back to the drawing board moments? like you're writing a poem or drawing a picture for instance, and then you take a look at someone's work that's just far superior in every way imaginable, and you just know it's time to go back to the drawing board. and it's not a negative or resentful feeling, more like a simple inspirational acknowledgment that, okay, you've seen the bar raised, and now you're gonna push yourself and just do your thing that much better if you can.


i guess you could say i was plodding along through life, thinking i was living moderately stylishly, though i'll admit i've given myself plenty of leeway for non-fashiony days, due to school and overwhelming responsibilities. but overall, i thought i was doing a pretty good job of it all. and then i stumbled upon this. and then i knew it was time to go back to the drawing board.

there's a definite language barrier here, for sure, but who needs words with pictures like these? i don't even know if this blog is run by one girl or many. there's so many pictures of different well-dressed girls. but the girl who clearly has the most pictures puts together outfits that are truly to die for. thank you for showing me the light, underbaraclara.

p.s: thank you, ny times! for some reason or other, i love reading your fashion&style section, and i feel like it's been majorly lacking lately, but these articles are pretty decent. i'll even forgive you for waiting this long to talk about the victoria beckham marc jacobs ads.

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a side order of style said...

Wow, after looking at those pictures... I kinda feel ashamed of my wardrobe. definitely having a back to the drawing board moment. and WOW you have pretty big names going to your concert. Pretty sweet but It's like making an ice cream w/ ostrich meat smoothie
not implying any of them are ice cream like or ostrich-esque.