once upon a time you dressed so fine

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*audrey hepburn (my first true fashion idol), jacqueline bouvier kennedy onassis (i thought i'd put all of her names since i've got outfits from both eras), grace kelly (grace kel-ly, who my boyfriend actually measures modern attractive actresses against), marilyn monroe

here's to the women who did it first, the women who did it best. the ones who inspired our grandmothers and our mothers before we stumbled upon their greatness on our own one fine day. the ones who've entered the pop culture lexicon, and the ones whose cool factor has gone underground since their heyday. the ones who showed us what the epitome of glamour looks like, and the ones who demonstrate how the simplest garments and accessories can make or break a look. before the olsens, before cory kennedy, before kate moss and agyness dean came the original icons. here's to you.

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*twiggy, francoise hardy, grace slick, edie sedgwwick, andy warhol


Pretty In Black said...

I loved Jackie O. when I was a little girl. This classic femininity seems to be lost amongst many these days.

Fashion Ivy said...

oh wow i absolutely loved this post.

aficionada said...

Edie. Audrey! Twiggy. Jackie O! ♥ Great blog :)