shake a tailfeather: the results

i didn't get a new flapper dress. i hit up the closest vintage store, and their "vintage" flapper dresses were clearly costumes marked up at ridiculous prices. so i just bought some gloves and a headband and went digging in my own room for other accessories. the good old college way!

results below:

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edit: holy crap when did i get linked on style bubble?! i was just going down the list, clicking on all her links, and was totally stunned! it was a total "pandora's- pandora's closet? not my pandora's closet.. nooooo" moment.


Ediot said...

COoooooooooooool and stylish chicas! ey ey ey!
funny pics as well

Ediot said...

and i forgot to say.
uo uk is a lot WORSE and hasn't got much that i desire.. while the us. is perfect.
always so much more accessories and all.. there was a peacock headband i really wanted but couldn't have as i don't live in the us..

take care :)

la petite fashionista said...

wow i love your blog, the graphic design is amazing. read down below that you're doing harvard's summer program in Paris.. i could not be more jealous, i fell in love when i visited there last summer! :)

the diy flapper outfits turned out much better than anything you could have purchased!


Pretty In Black said...

If those pictures were in black and white I'd totally believe that they were from the '20s.

roxanne said...

ediot: thank you! btw, a peacock headband sounds like a really fun diy project!

la petite fashionista: thanks for the kind words! i'm crossing my fingers that everything works out with paris, it would be a dream come true!

pretty in black: i knew something was missing when i was photoshopping those pictures, hah.. thanks for linking me on your blog, you've been linked as well!

vogued out!!! said...

love the flapper look.

emily said...

love, love, love!

i really wanted my high school to have a 1920's gatsby-esque prom but it is comprised of idiots and so the theme is, big shocker, "saturday night fever". hence i will not be in attendance. :D